MAMUSKA LIMERICK - Programme 06.06.08


Iron lady
A choreographic solo
Performance: Charlotte Spencer
Choreography & Concept: Lucy Suggate with Charlotte Spencer.

Strange Attractor (4)
Composed/ produced: David Irwin

Meaningless Flesh (7)
Performance: Charlotte Spencer, Lucy Suggate, James E. Jackson, Mark Carberry, Laura Dannequin, Dan Canham.
Concept & Direction Inma Pavon

Amiticitia (6)
Performers: Jenny Gavin-Brown, Poppy O Toole
Choreography & Concept: Jenny Gavin-Brown
Music: Underwater March, Klaus Badelt

We hope you like us (8:26)
Video Installation
Film: Celene Natasha Murphy
Concept: Mike Finn Celene Natasha Murphy

Heart Time (9)
Performance Olive Beecher
Concept Olive Beecher

Alltagkt (4:37)
Experimental Film
Direction: Marvin Hesse

44 by 3 (Cars in the rain) (5)
Robin Parmar

Year of the horse (4)
Performer: Lucy Suggate
Choreography: Bush Hartshorn and Lucy Suggate

The Jump (3:11)
Ismo Kiesillaines, Marcus Korhonen

Ongoing / Installations
Alexis Clancy - Boards - Light
Bryan O’Sullivan - Animation - This One’s Mine
Sacred Heart NS 5th Class - Animation - The Last Penguin
Helena Doyle - Experimental Film- Alice

Production: Daghdha Dance Company / Curation: Ciarda Tobin / Sound Environment: Kate Collins
In partnership with Mamuska Nights / thanks to fresh film festival/ jugend medien fest, Berlin/ Youki, Austria / Daghdha Dance Company is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland

MAMUSKA LIMERICK - Call for works

6 JUNE 2008

Daghdha Dance Company calls local and national artists to participate in the upcoming Mamuska Limerick. This is a unique occasion to present and view evolving works, raw ideas, unrehearsed visions, trials and errors, short masterpieces, playful nonsense, first steps... all in the context of an informal environment where like minded people meet and receive feedback from the audience. Be a part of it.

Daghdha Dance Company is producing the event with the support of the Arts Council and in partnership with Mamuska Nights. A maximum of ten artists will present their work while a unique sound environment will permeate through out the evening.

The sun sets: people talk, dancers turn, the light slowly changes around them. Mamuska Limerick ‘Radiate’ presents a transient space where lightand imagination evolve the borders of the possible. So flex your phototropic muscles and end this summer’s day with the ever playful and unpredictable cocktail of dance, performance, film, sound art and music.

This June Mamuska is the brightest of the year. (Sunset 10.15pm)

To submit your work, please contact the programme curator:

PHONE +353 (0) 87 9865421 | EMAIL CIARDA@DAGHDHA.IE

Submission criteria:

  • open to works in the fields of dance, live performance, live
  • installation, sound and video art
  • all works must be under 10 minutes long
  • all works must have very simple technical set up and requirements
  • send title, duration and brief description of work submitted
  • send short CV of people involved
  • inclusion of supporting material is recommended

Closing Date Monday 26th May 2008

Application forms can be downloaded from


Mamuska, a unique event that offers artists a chance to present new and evolving works, short masterpieces and conceptual research, is coming to Kerry under the auspices of Kerry Dancer in Residence Catherine Young, who hopes to establish it as a regular feature of the county’s flourishing arts calendar.

The inaugural Mamuska Kerry will occur on Friday 27 June at St John’s Art Centre, Listowel, alongside and supported by the Dance Research Forum Ireland (DRFI) 2nd International Conference at the Institute of Technology Tralee in June 2008.

Featuring artists such as Michael Keegan-Dolan and Máire Clerkin, the conference offers a four-day line up of presentations, lecture demonstrations, workshops and discussions around dance. Catherine Young and DRFI envision this Mamuska Kerry as allowing international and local conference attendees to experience aspects of dance in contemporary Ireland in an informal and relaxed setting.

Submission criteria:
Open to works in the fields of dance, live performance, live installation, sound and video art
All works must be under 10 minutes long
All works must have very simple tech set up and requirements

For further information about Mamuska Kerry please contact Catherine Young

For further information on the conference please see
Dance Research Forum Ireland’s website.

MAMUSKA LIMERICK - Programme 04.04.08


Photo: Conor Buckley

“HIVEMINDS”Going in circles (4’)
Presence: Angie Smalis & The Boys

CAN’T REMEMBER - Dance (10’)
Performance: The Love Spotters, Diane
Choreography: Daniel Vais

Concept: Miriam Lohan, Film: Patrick Corcoran, Performer: Ine O’Dwyer

GOVERN GOVERN FOOLPerformance (8’)
Performer: Mark Carberry

III SHORT FILMSDance Films with small breaks (10’)
Experimental Films: Inma M. Pavon
Performers: Charlotte Spencer, Lucy Suggate and Laura Dannequin (Film I)
Composer: Toby Eaton (Film II), Collaborator: Alex O’Callaghan (Film II)

SKETCHES FOR DANCE ON FILM - Limerick Youth Theatre (4´)
Music: Fireworks for Ling by Windings
Performance: Limerick Youth Theatre

JOHNDance Film (3´28’’)
Dance: John Casey, Directed/Edited: Sercan Sahin, Sound: Enda Grennan
Camera: Sercan Sahin and Alana Wray

“THE WAYS OF BLOOMING”Words + Photography (10”)
Words + photography: Lucy Foley, Music: Ross Bonadonna

MARÉE BASSE - video installation (ongoing)
by Laura Dannequin

Production: Daghdha Dance Company in partnership with Mamuska Nights
Programme Curator/ Coordinator/ Choreographed environment: Angie Smalis
Sound environment: Cait the beautiful
Photography: Conor Buckley