For information on the Mamuska Network or to get support to initiate Mamuska in your own city please contact the founder and director Davide Terlingo:


What is Mamuska Nights?

Mamuska Nights is an independent organisation dedicated to the creation of socially meaningful arts events and the development of collaborative networks. Its mission is rooted in a genuine sympathy for artists and audience alike, bringing the two in close proximity, eradicating clich├ęd representational rituals and redefining the social relevance of contemporary arts.

Mamuska Nights central activity is the development of Mamuska, a multi-disciplinary art event conceived as an open space for encounters and artistic expression - where to be inspired and socialise.

Mamuska provides a positive framework for creative events through a distinct format, each night presenting a programme of raw ideas, trials and errors, short masterpieces, unrehearsed visions, playful nonsense, conceptual research, first steps... all in the backdrop of a informal environment where people are encouraged to move around, chat and enjoy a drink at any time. However Mamuska remains a unique arts platform, it is not a cabaret night, a talent show or a speaker’s corner.

About Mamuska Network

Mamuska Nights actively seeks partners who share its central interest in supporting creative energies and redefining the context of socially meaningful arts events.

To each partner it offers assistance in the setting up, promotion and development of the platform in their own city. Simple guidelines guarantee that the Mamuska ethos and vision is kept unchanged, however these special evenings also maintain a fluidity to respond to local and national contexts. Towards this purpose, each city has a different curator with the role of creating a local point of reference and selecting the works that compile each city programme.

Mamuska Network aims to strengthen partners resources by promoting cultural and artistic exchange, facilitating collaborations and opening doors to international funding.