MAMUSKA LEEDS - Programme 09.03.07

Building on the success of the first Mamuska Leeds held in December 2006, Yorkshire Dance held a second evening this month.
Audiences were encouraged to socialise and be inspired by the rich programme of creative activity on offer. They were free to move about, chat and visit the bar throughout the evening.

The programme for this event:

Another Dance Company - Epithet

Immersed in the fictional world of a book. Based on Achmat Dangor's novel 'Bitter Fruit'

The Demon Barbers

English folk powerhouse. The Demon Barbers take an original and imaginative approach to traditional music.

Mik Artistik's Ego Trip

Surreal punk, funk, Catholic, electric comedy.

Ameilius Sense

A collaboration between Community Dance York, choreographer Rita Marcalo (Instant Dissidence), filmmaker Lucy Barker and digital company Bright White.

Menele Project - Test Match

Jumping off your box, challenging the boundaries, and matching the unmatchable - interrupted by a Batsman, who ends it all with one swing of his bat.

Los Galiticos

Hip-op, Breakin, Salsa combo

3 Bass

Drums, Bass and Sax

Natasha Light - Passage Among Shadow

The paper sculpture hung suspened at the window. Cured paper strips are layered and sewn creating an arching wing-like structure. The repeated lines express movement within the piece, while the extending form represents a physiological need for space. Natasha Light is a visula artist based at Patrick Studios.

Jen the Wren - Magic Hands

A tantalising, energising, sensational performance of magic hands. Your hands can feel magic too. This piece involved audience participation.