Flyer: Mamuska Nights 2005/2006 Season

Daghdha Dance Company is delighted to invite you to Mamuska Nights, a bi-monthly appointment of stimulating performances and exciting characters right in the heart of Limerick.

Mamuska is a unique night of creativity designed to offer individuals the opportunity to experiment, in the presence of a live audience, with new and evolving artistic works. It aims to create an open space for all people to present or view artistic work in a friendly and favourable environment.

All forms of talent are welcome. Mamuska is an informal event giving emphasis on "trying out" rather than "doing", yet aiming to present quality works capable of inspiring the audience – be it dance, video, poetry, installation, performance, etc. All works, excluding installations, should be under 10 minutes long.

To submit your work, please contact Davide Terlingo.

Dust off those dreams in the drawer.