MAMUSKA LIMERICK - Programme 14.12.07


photo: Conor Buckley

The Opening - (2’)
Featuring: Angie Smalis, Laura Dannequin, Mark Carberry
Music: The White Stripes

Chill Out – (10’)
Performance: Daniel Vais & The Love Spotters
Music: KLF

We are Sound – (7’)
Movement & Voice: Alex Boettcher, Charlotte Spencer, Inma Moya, James Jackson, Lucy Suggate, Rainer Müntinger,
Choreography: James Jackson

Millions of Images – (6’)
Sound and Image Presentation: Alexis Clancy
Photography: Tom Foley

Use of Self as a Prism (A Wholly Gun Mystrey) – (10’)
Writing & Performance: Jeffrey Gormley
Music: Ambulance & Acoustica/ Aphex Twin

Standing in Ink – (8’)
Performance: Elena Giannotti
Choreography: Michael Klien
Score: Volkmar Klien

All change all - Part 7 - (8’)
Performance: Bubu’s angels
Concept: Daniel Vais

Tantrum for a Ping-Pong Poet - Study for Monochrome 2 – (5’19’’)
Concept/Performance: Katarina Mojzisova
Sounscape: Karen Von Kleist

The Beautiful Tall One and the Departure of My Loved Ones in Autumn – (9’)
Music & Song: Aland Assiri

Santa Baby
Performance: Sheila Fitz-Patrick
Music: Kylie

On-Going Installations:
Santa Baby, Sheila Fitz-Patrick - Alternative Miss Limerick
Meaningless Flesh? , Inmaculada M. Pavón
Investing in you Future Happiness, Ella Daly

Voodoo Bodies, Dorotha Konczewska, Models: M. Janowiak, P. Kiveny, S. Mujinya

Market Stalls:
The Garvey Centre / Aland Assiri

Production: Daghdha Dance Company
Curators/Programme Co-ordinators: Angi Smalis, Laura Dannequin, Mark Carberry
Sound Environment: Cait the Beautiful

In partnership with Mamuska Nights –