20.3. starting at 19 in Zodiak
Free admission

Mamuska Helsinki is Zodiak's cross-discipline art bar and performance club, organised in partnership with the international Mamuska Network.

The fourth Mamuska Helsinki night takes place at Zodiak on Friday, March 20 starting at 7 pm. People can come and leave at any time during the evening, until midnight.

Mamuska Helsinki is Zodiak's cross-discpline art bar, performance club and social gathering. Mamuska Helsinki has taken place already three times and it has gathered a large number of enthusiastic participants, performers and volunteers. Elemental to the Mamuska concept is that anyone can perform: all performances are selected on a first-come first-served basis.

Mamuska Helsinki can contain wild ideas, short masterpieces, unrehearsed visions and first steps. The audience is invited to watch the events in an informal setting and bar atmosphere. Performers are not announced before-hand, so the evening fulfills Zodiak's favorite slogan:

You can't always know what you will get!

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