Article: Autumn Steps

One Of The Strongest Arts Group In The Country, Daghdha Build On That Reputation Through The Autumn.

Daghdha Dance Company, based at St. John's Square in the heart of Limerick, has assembled a programme of cultural events this autumn, which includes a broad range of activities to appeal to the wide local community.

According to Davide Terlingo who heads Daghdha's Cultural Programme, "our ambitions is to consolidate a number of diverse and innovative activities and formats, which in turn, we believe, will rise the awareness of both Daghdha and its innovative views on choreography. Activities include a series of events, discursive enquires, social interactions, performances, exhibitions and collaborative initiatives, set against the backdrop of a choreographed environment."

The programme kicks off on the first Friday in October, with the latest in the Mamuska series. Now at its third season, Mamuska has established itself as one of the leading performance platform in Ireland. During the last two years more then one hundred individual artists or organisations have inspired the audiences with a programme of over 140 works spread across different arts fields.

Mamuska remains a unique event, an open platform to experiment with new and evolving artistic work and an occasion for the audience to socialise and be inspired. Every night is different, with a programme full of surprises. However the format remains the same, an informal environment, and drinks at the table, great music during the breaks and the freedom to move around and chat at any time.

Limerick Event Guide
Volume 08. Issue 10. October 2006.