MAMUSKA LEEDS - Programme 08.12.06

Yorkshire Dance Foyer
Leeds, UK

Davide Terlingo
Appearance – Physical presence

Emily Bond and Ashleigh Lewis
AKA Iced Blonde and Lil’ Rio (Crunked Up Dance Company)
Impact the Funk – Dance

Maria Jardardottir and Elisabeth Nygard
Curious voice duo – Vocal experimentation

Rachel Den and Chiara D’Alcara Ribera
Thread constricts and enables – Performance

Gary Clarke and Paul Wilkinson
We have no idea what this is about. But it is something. And it is here. Before you. Now. – Dance performance

Leonie Kubigstetig
Film – Work in progress

Thom Shaw and Rita Marcalo
A tease with balloons with a cigarette – Performance

Manuela Berndt, Daliah Toure and Elisabeth Nygard
Corpus in Tone

Damien Barber and Tiny
Folk music and clog dancing

Elena Giannotti
BoO: Second Study – Dance

Craig Simcock
Never Mind the Burger here’s Elvis! – Reincarnation