MAMUSKA NIGHTS - Newsletter September 07

Recently founded as an independent organisation, Mamuska Nights is dedicated to the creation of socially meaningful arts events and the development of collaborative networks.

Mamuska Nights central activity is the development of Mamuska, a multi-disciplinary platform conceived as an open space for encounters and artistic expression. Mamuska’s visionary and yet informal style has become widely successful, transforming the event into an autonomous networking initiative whose vitality is tapping into a clear demand for new forms of artistic production and programming.


Mamuska Dublin – 8,15,22 September
Back Loft, 7–11 St. Augustine Street, Dublin 8.
Mamuska Dublin is here! Join us in the Dublin Fringe Festival informal playground where to let loose the creative energies and have some fun. Co-curated by Dublin Fringe Festival director Wolfgang Hoffman and Mamuska Nights director Davide Terlingo, Mamuska Dublin is supported by the Dublin City Council and Daghdha Dance Company.
To submit your work to Mamuska Dublin contact:

Mamuska Limerick – 5 October
Daghdha Space, John’s Square, Limerick
Developed and curated by Mamuska Nights director Davide Terlingo for the eclectic Daghdha Dance Company, Mamuska Limerick is back with its unique flavour and format built around informality and a true sense of artistic experimentation. The format remains the same, for this legendary event that has now been running for over 3 years.

Mamuska Leeds – 12 October
Yorkshire Dance, St. Peters Square, Leeds
Yorkshire Dance presents the 3rd night of this successful event that has now become a regular meeting ground for the Leeds arts community. Expect a rich programme of activity including dance, music, song and performance.

Mamuska Helsinki – 26 October
Zodiak, Tallberginkatu 1, Ruoholahti, Helsinki
The Zodiak Centre for New Dance launches the first Mamuska Helsinki, bringing the Mamuska flavour for the first time in Finland, where the presence of a vibrant dance scene is bound to give us an unforgettable night. The event is curated by dance artist Vera Nevanlinna and Z-score.



Mamuska Nights is currently seeking partners and collaborators to join the fast growing Mamuska Nights Network.

If you would like to programme Mamuska in your city/town or if you are a self-motivated cultural entrepreneur interested in taking part in the inter/national development of this new organisation please contact:

Davide Terlingo | Director
Mamuska Nights
+353 85 7223091

More cities and dates are on their way. For further updates until the next newsletter please keep an eye on :