MAMUSKA LIMERICK - Programme 15.02.08


Photo by Conor Buckley

Razzle Wink - (4’)
Film/ Concept: Helena Doyle
DOP: Deirdre O’Toole

Things I think are beautiful - (10’)
Installation/photography: Alana Wray

Wrekwea - (7’)
Performance & Film/ Concept: Evan Kennedy
Music: Extensive interpolation of Requiem Aeterum, Jocelyn Pook

Trace - (10’)
Dancers: - Ailish Claffey, Laura Murphy, Frej Tiliander, Luis Fontana
Choreography/ Concept: Ailish Claffey, Laura Murphy
Sound: John Galvin

Bluffers - (5’)
Video Art & Performance: Emily Boylan
Performers: Rachel Casey, Conor Noonan
Film makers: Emily Boylan, Rachel Kiernan

Forgetfullness - (10’)
Sound piece: Jean-Philippe Renoult

Pomegranate - (7’)
Performance: Laura Melling, Alannah Robins
Choreography: Laura Melling

I am luv - (9’)
Elecroacoustic: John Greenwood.

Naturaleza Muerta - (3/3/4’)
Light reflections, Photo Projections, Organic Materials and Dance: Francisco Urube
Dancers: Ailish Claffey, Laura Murphy, Charlotte Spencer, Siobhan Shinnors, Thomas Farrell, Luis Fontana.
Music: Weaving my ancestors- Sheila Chandra/ Requiem- Ligeti Gyorgui/ My friend obsessed-Pressure Drop/ Cosmic Telephone Call- Kali Bahlu/ Phill Flamenco Fantasy- Gustavo Montesano & Royal. Sound Editing: Miguel Arranz.

On-going Installations:

Di Laawd Vanz: Installation with Balloons: Sercan Sahin
He loves me nottt - Video Installation: Inmaculada M. Pavon
East to East - Film: Lucy Suggate
Through the Bubble - Performative drawing: Ruth Lyons
Removal - Video Piece: Niamh O’Beirne
Read to me - Installation: Amalgamotion

Production: Daghdha Dance Company
Curation: Ciarda Tobin
Sound Environment: John Greenwood
In partnership with Mamuska Nights
Part of unFringed 2008 programme