MAMUSKA WOMB Live One - Video

ジャンルを超えて新たなアーティスト達と多様化する音楽シーンに新たなカルチャーを作る一歩を共に歩みたい。そんな願いがこめられたプロジェクト「WOMB LIVE ONE」第7弾!新たなカルチャーが生まれる瞬間を目撃せよ。

We want to walk together towards the creation of a new culture that is a doorway to the music scene, to new artists and a diversification beyond any genre. Project "WOMB LIVE ONE" is the epression of such a wish! Witness the moment a new culture is born.

This is a collaboration between Mamuska Tokyo and WOMB. For more information see: