International aspect to Mamuska's reach

Daghdha Dance Company's Mamuska, the open platform intended to challenge notions of performance and theatrical space, is now international. The objective is to share a common ethos and promoting collaborations and artistic exchange across the sea and indeed, ocean.
With Davide Terlingo of Daghdha at the helm, Mamuska is connecting with artists and organic performance work in Britain and Japan. The first British Mamuska took place in December in the Yorkshire Dance Centre; a Mamuska Tokyo is being organised in collaboration with Dance and Media Japan for March next.
Limerick has already witnessed 4 enjoyable, surprising, creative and sometimes stunning years of local and international artists availing of this public platform.
"Mamuska is an unique occasion to present and view evolving works, raw ideas, minimalist perfections, unrehearsed visions," Terlingo explains. "It's about trial and errors, short masterpieces, playful nonsense, conceptual research, first steps... all in the context of an informal choreographed with the freedom to chat and move around at any time".

See for yourself what the fuss is about at this wildly successful event that spans genres, age groups and the imagination. Doors open for Limerick's first Mamuska in 2007 this Friday 2, John's Square at 8pm. Entrance is free of charge and there's a small bar.
Anyone interested in performing at future Mamuska should first contact Davide Terlingo at John's Square or by email davide [at] with their idea.

Limerick Post, 'the arts' section, Saturday 3 February 2007