MAMUSKA TOKYO - Coming up!

Mamuska Tokyo is a new exciting Japanese initiation as part of Mamuska Nights, an international network of platforms with a unique flavour and format built around informality and a true sense of artistic experimentation.
These are structured social contexts that challenge established notions of performance and theatrical space. Originally conceived in 2004 by Italian artist and curator Davide TERLINGO for Daghdha Dance Company in Ireland.

Curators in each city have the role of creating a local point of reference and selecting the programme. Mamuska Tokyo is curated by IINA Naoto, director of Dance and Media Japan

  • Tatsuya Kusuhara [dance]
  • Tetsuo Sanari [dance]
  • IDO MASSAGE & Minami Azu [body painting/Butoh]
  • Yuzo Ishiyama [dance performance]
  • Kaori Seki [dance performance]
  • Kazunori Okuno&Maya Ichikawa [sound&dance]
  • HANAKENGO[performance]
  • Elena Giannotti & Michael Klien [dance]
  • Kae Ishimoto [dance]
  • post theater "LifeDramaturgy" [1:1 performance]
[DJ] SAORI a.k.a kumachi , bemsha

[Date] March 7th [Wed] 19:00 open / 20:00 start
[Venue] P-House
[Ticket] Free (drink order required)