MAMUSKA NIGHTS - Newsletter June 2007

Welcome to the first Mamuska Nights newsletter!

We are happy to announce the birth of Mamuska Nights as an independent organisation providing a focal point of reference for artistic development and experimentation within structured social contexts that challenge established notions of performance and theatrical space.
Mamuska Nights’ mission is rooted on a genuine sympathy for artists and audience alike, bringing the two in close proximity, eradicating clich├ęd representational rituals and proposing the notion of events as an inclusive social dance capable of opening creative possibilities.

Mamuska Nights' vision is consolidated through a network of events built on informality and an active commitment towards cultural and artistic exchange, creating a rare continuum between local, national and international contexts.


Mamuska Limerick – 1 June
Daghdha Space, John’s Square, Limerick
Developed and curated by Mamuska Nights director Davide Terlingo for the eclectic Daghdha Dance Company, Mamuska Limerick has now seen 3 years of truly inspired programming that consolidate Daghdha’s event as a central point of reference within the network. Join us in this easy riding night that has presented over 130 individual artists to the Limerick audience so far.

Mamuska Tokyo – 17 June
Asahi Art Square, Asakusa, Tokyo
Following the success of the first Mamuska Tokyo in March, Dance and Media Japan and Mamuska Nights will join forces once more to re-propose a new exciting programme at the renowned Asahi Art Square in Asakusa. Curated by director Naoto Iina and dance artist Tatsuya Kusuhara the event is set to become one of the focal points of the Tokyo experimental arts scene.


Mamuska Dublin
September will see the birth of the first Mamuska Dublin, result of the collaboration between Dublin Fringe Festival director Wolfgang Hoffman and Mamuska Nights director Davide Terlingo. The event will represent the first positive step to strengthen the Mamuska Nights Network in Ireland.

Mamuska Helsinki
October will see the beginning of a welcome partnership with Zodiak Centre for New Dance, bringing the Mamuska flavour for the first time in Finland. The event will be curated by dancer and choreographer Vera Nevanlinna.

More cities and dates are on their way. For further updates until the next newsletter please keep an eye on :


If you would like to initiate Mamuska Nights in your city please contact:
Davide Terlingo | Director
1 John’s Square, Limerick, Ireland
+353 (0)61 467205