MAMUSKA KERRY - Programme 27.06.08


Dancer: Laura Murphy

To Take Away (5) ⌡Film
Choreographer/Video: Inma Moya Pavon
Dancers: Charlotte Spencer, Lucy Suggate & Laura Dannequin.
Composer: Toby Eaton

Nachhall (engl. Reverberation) (5) ⌡Dance
Choreography & performance: Antje Schneider
Sound: Redmond O’Toole & Antje Schneider
Music: J.S. Bach Cello Suite No. IV

Knot (10) ⌡Dance
Performer: Inma Moya Pavon
Choreography: Mark Carberry in collaboration with Alexis Calancy
Sound: John Greenwood

BodyCount (6) ⌡ Dance
Performers: Charlotte Frotschor, Sinead Krouse, Mara Muller-Tolk, Kelsea O Brien, Lisa O’Shea, Eilise O’Sullivan
Choreography: Catherine Young in collaboration with Dancers
Music: Ryan Langley

Meaningless Flesh* (7) ⌡Film
Choreographer /Video: Inma Moya Pavon
Dancers: Charlotte Spencer, Lucy Suggate, James E. Jackson, Mark Carberry, Laura Dannequin, Dan Canham.
Composer: Toby Eaton
* supported by Dance Ireland

June 27th 2008, with History (10) ⌡Dance
Choreography & Performance: Deirdre Murphy & Fergus Byrne

Arrival (9) ⌡Music/Sound
Composition: Ryan Langley

No Logic (10) ⌡Dance
Choreography & performance: Laura Murphy
Sound: Chris Hurley, Cork Film Centre

Untitled (7) ⌡Music/Sound
Performer/composer: Keith O’Faolain

Curation: Catherine Young ⌡Sound Environment: Con Horgan & Martin Shärer
Supported by Dance Research Forum Ireland